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When you are craving a PSL but want more flavor for less money, make it yourself!

Pumpkin Spice Syrup

A jar of pumpkin pie spice syrup


With cushy robes, relaxing pan flute, and ALL the pampering, going to the spa is the ultimate luxury experience. I’ve only gone a couple of times but every time I do, I straddle the line between enjoying myself and feeling wildly self-conscious and uncomfortable. It feels excessively self-indulgent and it’s hard to turn off the […]

Spa Water Cocktail


When I am left home alone at night, I turn feral, and my eating habits change with the tides. Sometimes I really treat myself—drinking a glass of wine while I make something fancy for dinner, like scallops. Other times, I order an irresponsible amount of french fries, make myself a boozy milkshake, and plop in […]

Boozy Snickers Milkshake


3 Delicious & Easy Cocktails for Spring If you are like me, this year+ long quarantine has drastically impacted the amount of time you spend outdoors; making sun sightings a rarity instead of an everyday occurrence. However, I’ve noticed that even a little bit of sunlight can positively affect my mood. So, this spring I’m […]

Spring Cocktails


How to Create a Drop-dead Gorgeous Dessert Board

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