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These chocolate chunk scones with sour cream make for a sweet addition to any breakfast.

Chocolate Chunk Scones

chocolate chunk scones with coffee and milk and chocolate pieces surrounding them

Breakfast & Brunch

Fancy AF Carrot Muffins I could have stopped at just carrot muffins. I could have stopped when I added streusel to said muffins. But instead, I’ve created a delicious breakfast monstrosity; a maximalist muffin in the best of ways. As a massive fan of carrot cake, I’ve had carrot muffins on the brain for a […]

The Best Carrot Muffins

carrot muffins filled with cream cheese frosting

Breakfast & Brunch

For me, a dream Sunday starts by waking up before anyone else, pouring a huge mug of coffee, and sitting outside with my feet in the grass. It is a fairly simple dream, and yet…it’s ridiculously rare. Most mornings, Doug (our dog) wakes up first and jumps directly onto our bodies and faces. I take […]

Small-Batch Cinnamon Rolls

unfrosted cinnamon rolls

Breakfast & Brunch

Was this pancake recipe created because I was craving cornbread for breakfast? Yes. And I will not apologize because…it’s perfect. These honey and cornmeal pancakes are a variation of the hoecake recipe in Huckleberry: Stories, Secrets, and Recipes from Our Kitchen by the brilliant Zoe Nathan. I have mentioned Huckleberry before (hello loaf cake) and […]

Honey & Cornmeal Pancakes

cornmeal pancakes topped with butter

Breakfast & Brunch

This apricot jam is my new summer fling! It is sweet, with just a little bit of heat and a vibrant orange color thanks to the addition of turmeric.

Apricot Jam with Turmeric & Habanero

apricot and habanero jam on toast with basil and ricotta

Breakfast & Brunch

How to Create a Drop-dead Gorgeous Dessert Board

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