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If you need a chocolate fix RIGHT NOW and aren’t interested in putting in a ton of work, this chocolate mug cake is for you.

Chocolate Mug Cake


Is this a buckle? Maybe it’s buckle adjacent. It’s buckle-ish. Technically, buckles are cakes with fruit and a streusel topping—and this is a skillet full of fruit and topped with cake, sans streusel. But it isn’t a crisp, crumble, or cobbler, and I don’t know what other categories there are. A skillet cake? I don’t […]

Plum, Blackberry & Cornmeal Skillet Cake


A few years ago, I worked at a startup in a very trendy neighborhood. Right across the street from the office was a coffee shop where I spent way too much time and money. Their internet was fast, their coffee was delicious, and they had a massive breakfast pastry menu—clearly a weakness of mine. One […]

Coffee Cake Loaf


This recipe came about purely due to hubris. I had a vision of creating the moistest and most decadent chocolate cake around. After doing some research I saw that there was something known as a Brooklyn Blackout Cake—chocolate custard sandwiched between devil’s food cake layers and then slathered in chocolate frosting…Bingo, I found my starting […]

Chocolate Trifle


Airy and deeply flavorful Thai tea cake layers are complemented by a condensed milk soak and light frosting for the ultimate layer cake.

Thai Tea Layer Cake


How to Create a Drop-dead Gorgeous Dessert Board

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