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‘Tis the season for s’mores! Whether you were an avid camper, or just loved watching marshmallows blow up in the microwave, s’mores tend to be one of the first “composed” desserts kids learn how to make. Milk chocolate and marshmallow sandwiched between graham crackers? 5-year old culinary masters we were! While s’mores were EVERYTHING when […]

S’mores Brownies

S'mores brownies

Brownies & Bars

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Rice Krispie treats are delicious, simple to make, and always push a nostalgia button for me. Quite frankly, it’s hard to improve on the original—buttery, chewy, marshmallow-y, perfection. I also enjoy the hint of danger present, since, at any moment, they will tear up the roof of your mouth. What Is Inside a Reese’s Pieces […]

Reese’s Pieces Rice Krispie Treats

Brownies & Bars

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The other day, I was struck by how many odd jobs I’ve had in the past. Working at least one part-time job since 15, I have been fortunate enough to experience a truly harrowing amount of work experiences. Starting as a Hollister stock girl, I’ve hit nearly every industry from food, retail, and fitness to […]

Strawberry Cheesecake Oatmeal Bars


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Awhile back, I was talking to a couple of friends, who are brilliant cooks but not super confident bakers. I was trying to get to the bottom of why baking isn’t their thing, and it seems to come down to measuring and the inability to improvise. And, I get it. Baking is, by its nature, […]

One-Pan Brownie

Brownies & Bars

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