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These blueberry muffins are buttery, sweet, and bursting with fruit!

Bakery-Style Blueberry Muffins

Breakfast & Brunch

Coffee cake muffins with butter

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about pairing down my belongings—causing me to sort everything into categories like necessary, sentimental, and actual trash. Is a shirt too small? Donate. Do I need my chemistry notes from college? No ma’am. Remember when you were going to get passionate about whittling? I was a different person then. […]

Coffee Cake Muffins

Breakfast & Brunch

This site is quickly turning into a breakfast appreciation blog, as evidenced here, here, and here. But, I’m not mad about it. I love slow mornings—waking up before everyone else, and enjoying something freshly baked with hot coffee. Something about the quiet and the morning light makes the whole experience feel luxurious, and the day […]

Brown Butter Banana Bread

Breakfast & Brunch

Or, How I Tricked My Boyfriend Into Dating Me It all started nine years ago…(Cue the Wayne’s World du-du-dou flashback noise). I had been dating my boyfriend for a few months and was head over heels in love. Like, weak in the knees, can’t think about anything else kind of love. It was our first […]

Fried Doughnuts

Breakfast & Brunch

I am half Mexican but have never been to Mexico. I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish, and I have an oddly Argentinian accent when I do speak it (thanks to my high school Spanish teacher). Despite never being immersed in the city where my dad is from, I feel connected to the culture because of […]

Homemade Conchas


Winter Favorites

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How to Create a Drop-dead Gorgeous Dessert Board

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