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I’m Elyse, the one-woman gorgon behind Elyse Creates. As the name suggests, this is a space where I create and encourage others to do the same. Some of my most vivid and cherished memories are around a table with friends and family, and I want that for you too. So, I saddled up to my kitchen counter and began creating recipes designed to be passed down, shared amongst loved ones, or eaten alone with the refrigerator door open.

Oh, hello!

Dump it. Mix it. Bake it. Frost it. No, this is not a Bop It tutorial. These are literally the steps of making this apple snack cake. It is simple, sweet, and perfectly spiced—basically, everything you want for a weekday bake. To me, a snack cake is one that comes together quickly with minimal dishes […]

slice of frosted apple snack cake

Smokey, sweet, and citrusy—this margarita has it all! We’re calling this pineapple, coconut concoction Summer’s Last Gasp.

pineapple, coconut, and mezcal margarita with lime garnish

Fancy AF Carrot Muffins I could have stopped at just carrot muffins. I could have stopped when I added streusel to said muffins. But instead, I’ve created a delicious breakfast monstrosity; a maximalist muffin in the best of ways. As a massive fan of carrot cake, I’ve had carrot muffins on the brain for a […]

carrot muffins filled with cream cheese frosting


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If you have ever wanted to master the art of croissant making or create cocktails like a pro, take a peek at my subject-specific ebooks! They dive deep into the nitty gritty of it all—offering video tutorials, step-by-step recipe instructions, and easy ways to riff, so you can custom create to your heart’s content!

Ready to Feel Crazy Confident in the Kitchen?

introducing subject-specific ebooks

Diligently testing recipes and making food look GOOD in photos is kind of my thing.

Looking for a freelance recipe developer or food photographer?

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